alchemist mykonos

Architectural design: Dimitrios Tsigos

Senior designers: Kate Karagianni

Designers: Marina Karamali, Christina Tsakiri

Construction Management: Omniview

Current state: Completed

Client: Monogyios George /

Location: 35, Mitropoleos st., Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece

When asked by our client, a true modern design afficionado , to develop a design language for his new haute – coutoure clothing store in Mykonos, a few things had to be taken into consideration:

First, it was the clients desire to not associate the designs with the merchantise, so that the attention on the clothes would be undiminished. Thus,we needed items that were intense enough to set the stores atmosphere, and guide its aesthetic, without them being overwhelmimg in size, and without occupying any part of the periphery.

Second, the three items had to serve two functions per piece; in addition to their main function as desk and benches, the designs would also serve as display for merchantise.

Last but not least, the pieces had to be highly sculptural, to the extend that the function is almost disguised. In this way, all the connotations associated with the use of the objects, do not become a  distraction for the high-end boutique aestehtic that governs the entire store.

With the clothes display system almost unnoticable, our trademark designs, all detailing resolved according to the highest contemporary standard of trimless architectrural details, and cutting edge super narrow theatrical spot lighting, we feel we have succeded in our goal: To provide the audience with a transedental experience, one that feels more like a stroll through an art gallery than a visit to a retail store.