eden residences

Architectural design: Dimitrios Tsigos

Construction managing architect: John Tsigos

tdc design team: Christina Malama, Katerina Karagianni

Structural engineer: Dimitrios Pastras

Mechanical design: Panagiotis Tsiganos

Development: TDC

Current state: under construction

The concept behind the architectural study of this four maisonette development in Voula was to intensify the relationship between interior and exterior space and allow nature to penetrate and be emphatically present in the interior living experience.

The structural resolution for the building was the departure point in a quest to create residences with the feeling of openness, transparency and lightness.The result was an assembly of clear volumes amongst which emerge vast openings in various directions to cross ventilate and cross illuminate the spaces.

Moreover the apartments facing Vas.Pavlou st. benefit from large double height spaces with cantilevering mezzanine sections which run through the 5.5 meter high facade glazing to the creation of the buildings signature hovering verandas.Further more, the glass railing on all balconies ensure uninterrupted views towards the sea.

Conceived as an urban paradise in the heart of Voula (101 Vasileos Pavlou st.), Eden is a high-end development offering residences ranging from 160 to 320 sq.m.