House in Penteli

architectural office:

Dimitris Tsigos-Omniview


architectural design – Dimitris Tsigos

Project Architect – Katerina Karagianni


Design Team:

Christina Tsakiri

Marina Karamali

Danai Diou





Discovering new combinations between contemporary and traditional materials, and articulating these combinations in clean, confident lines has been our approach for this House in Pendeli area in Athens.

The apparent emphasis on the use of wood has had a two-fold ambition: Primarily, to apply it in 3d wrapping shapes that generate a warm and homey sensation, in both the public and the private areas of the house. Secondarily, to find beautiful wood veneers and work with them in a way that accents the natural beauty of wood grain, without loosing the contemporary feel in the end architectural result.

For the master bedroom, we continued our quest for integrated designs, that combine different functions to continuous forms. In this case we did so without sacrificing the separation between the spaces and the overall functionality.

In the home’s attic we created a mini suite – guest house, where the master bedroom and the shower benefit from a cocoon-style design.