PCCW global Greek headquarters

Architectural design: Dimitrios Tsigos

Project management: John Tsigos

Senior Architects / Designers: Kate Karagianni

Architects / Designers: Christina Tsakiri, Marina Karamali, Danai Diou

Many scenarios exist that address the function and aesthetic of the work environment. Architects are the generators of such scenarios,responsible for the interpretation of this kind of space… and eventuallythe role it will play on peoples lives . For PCCW Greek headquarters, we perceived the working space as public space.

We did not design an open plan, and we did not design a conventional plan either. We started by completely reversing the typical office plan model, the one where the working space is maximized and the circulation/public interaction space is diminished to a bare minimum. This led to the creation of an extended circulation network, a grid of promenades, and working areas that become mere islands in a sea of public coexistence.

Think of the way a city block is surrounded by streets. Now imagine an office space where there’s streets, crossroads and piazzas. Where there’s more than one possible routes from A to B. Where people can meet and interact randomly. Where you can circulate in loops rather than finite paths.

Imagine an office space where your public presence is part of the scenery, and not a collateral necessity. An office space where u exist as a person as well as an employee. This is the public space that is generated by such architecture.