private residence in Alimos

Architectural design: Dimitrios Tsigos

tdc design team: John Kyrlis, Christina Malama

Structural engineer: Manos Kyriazis

Current state: building permission

Client: Andreas Philippou

Stretching across one of the of the highest points of Pani hill, the plot for this project benefits from breathtaking 270 degrees view of sea and the Athenian beach side.  The full exploitation of the plots view is a problem seldom addressed by architects and one that has been dealt with in various manners. Having the structural resolution as the departure point for the architectural composition often helps when the objective is to free the buildings facade of structural elements. In this particular instance, we have managed to resolve the whole width of the building as a cantilever of the back wall, so that the front facade, and all the interior space is kept free of columns. This is seen as an exaggerated form of the modernistic principle of free facade, one where the facade is not cleared to the detriment of the interior space.