Private residence in Kifisia – the inhabitable levels house

Architectural design: Dimitrios Tsigos

TDC design team: Christina Malama, Katerina Karagianni

Construction management: Spyros Giounnis

Current state: completed

Client: undisclosed

Text and photography: Dimitrios Tsigos


The modernistic era has offered us many simple but effective tools that have ever since served as foundations for modern architecture. Working with subtle changes of levels within a unified space is one of those.The effect of letting function structure a landscape of relative elevations and create a differentiated territory can be quite drastic, since programmatic entities can be manifested through something as elementary and globally appreciated as ‘’high’’ and ‘’low’’.Following our ongoing effort to approach an architecture where scales converge, the modernistic archetype of levels is brought on board, and examined from the perspective of seeing a single stair-step as currency, and anthropometric measurements as product.The result is an intense planar language, where height field is interpreted in a relative manner: What is floor for level A can be coffee table for level B and dinning table for level C. Such an operation of merging scales, performed in parallel with an open eye towards the aesthetics of its modernistic predecessor, is the generating manifesto for the project.